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Membership Specifications

E.M.O offers upfront monthly subscription service to our clients, memberships can be for Households, Businesses, Schools, Farms and other. These memberships are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the members. These memberships are maintained under a monthly membership fee that is payable by members, preferable on a debit order yet can be paid annually .The memberships are only valid if payment is made on the agreed date and the membership term is determined in the Membership specifications.

Businesses, Schools, Farms and any membership other than a home may contact the E.M.O offices or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on the available covers.

Membership downloads:


Terms and Conditions for EMO


Membership Form

Membership Detail Form

Membership Detail Form

Membership Info Sheet

Info Sheet


The agreed monthly membership fee can covers the following (depending on membership):

Household / personal covers

  • Optional / Individual cover: R30/month per person
Once-off joining fee R150
Ideal for clients who are on a medical aid, as the response, treatment and stabilisation from E.M.O is covered in the subscription. Any payment for transportation is the patients and or the patients’ medical aids responsibility.
  • Family membership: R150/month per home (covering 5 people)
Includes four dependants (R30 per extra dependant)
Once-off joining fee R150
This cover caters for people on medical aid and not on a medical aid.
This cover caters for the Response, treatment, stabilisation and emergency transportation to the nearest most appropriate facility, thus not having any further charges to the client for transportation.
  • HELIVAC membership: R149/month
Includes four dependants (R10 per extra dependant; Children can be classified as dependants until their
25th birthday)(Total of 6 members per policy)
Once-off joining fee R200
This cover must be taken with an Optional / Individual or Family Membership.
Provides the client with Emergency Medical Evacuation by Helicopter with in the set criteria and boundaries.

Business cover

  • Business Standard Cover: R150/month/premises

Once-off joining fee R150
Covers the business for medical emergencies for the staff members and customers while on the premises of the company. This cover provides the business with Emergency response, treatment and stabilisation. Any transportation will be liable to either the WCA or the patient directly

  • Businesses can also cover their fleet of vehicles and reps while traveling / working in the coverage area. This cover is available for R15/vehicle/month in addition to the monthly amount of R150. This covers the fleet or rep for emergency response, treatment and stabilisation if they are involved in an accident.
  • Helderberg Crime Watch (HCW) clients do receive a different structure – please contact the E.M.O Offices.

Quick Contacts

  • Emergency : 072 99 66 33 7
  • Office: 060 626 3280
  • Fax: 086 541 3640