Because Minutes Matter...
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Emergency Medical Operations started their operations in the Helderberg Basin in 2007. After years of operating in the emergency medical services field, Suné Trollip and Graydon Norton (the founders of E.M.O), noticed an alarming gap in the amount of time it sometimes took emergency services to arrive at the scene of a life threatening emergency.

The over-burdened emergency medical services in South Africa could just not ensure immediate response in emergencies regardless of the dedication of their personnel. From this realization, the idea of an independent, medical crew responding in fully equipped, emergency response vehicles, started to grow. Their dream was realized in 2007 when Emergency Medical Operations was born. A completely independent company who is not contracted by any specific medical aid or scheme.

This means that E.M.O paramedics can administer emergency medical care to any person, regardless their affiliation to medical schemes. This issue used to be another area of concern as certain emergency medical response providers are only allowed to administer care to members of their own various medical scheme providers. This allowed many life threatening situations to go unattended. By creating a completely independent company, E.M.O could remedy this situation.

The E.M.O personnel are driven by an uncompromising passion for saving lives and making a real difference to the lives of people they administer care to. To them, being a paramedic can never be just a job. It has to be a calling. Since its conception, E.M.O has responded to hundreds of calls in the Helderberg Basin.

The idea of a contract covering an entire family as well as corporate contracts covering all employees at their respective places of employment is also unique in nature and allows complete peace of mind for all members. E.M.O has signed many of these contracts and is responsible for the emergency medical needs of many families in their operating area.

In Late 2008 E.M.O purchase one of the companies first ambulances to transport our clients and patients. Registering with the Board of Healthcare Funder (www.bhfglobal.co.za) allowed E.M.O to become a registered medical practice and submit patient medical aid claims to medical aids.

E.M.O has acquired an affiliation with HELIVAC and is the ground support and ambulance service for HELIVAC in our set areas of operation. HELIVAC allows our clients an add on service of being covered nation wide by HELIVAC for emergency helicopter evacuation with in a set criteria.

E.M.O is currently looking into other areas where our medical services are required.

E.M.O also provides medical support during organised events such as sports meets, filming events and gatherings. They also facilitate first aid training and are also suppliers of superior quality medical supplies.