Because Minutes Matter...
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To offer the ultimate in timely, professional and effective emergency medical response to all clients and the community in general to ensure the best possible chance of recovery and rehabilitation.

To leverage our network of preferred emergency medical response partners to ensure timeous and effective response to all medical emergencies.

To offer an unique service in responding to medical emergencies as well as minor medical emergencies faster than other emergency operators are able to without having to adhere to specific constraints and restrictions pertaining to an individuals' financial or medical scheme membership.

To provide constant, accurate and up-to-date training for all our medical personnel and staff to ensure the highest level of skill and adherence to medical protocol and procedures.

To ensure the professional fulfilment of all our personnel and staff as well as creating a healthy and friendly working environment.

To be involved in, and contribute to the local community we operate in, as it pertains to our field of expertise.

To be a socially responsible company.